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Renee King

Renee KingPhysical Therapist

“I've worked at six hospitals along the West Coast and Evergreen is my favorite by far. There is strong two-way communication with administration, positive growth and a real focus on the patient.”

Theresa Reyes

Theresa ReyesRN – Family Maternity Center (30 years)

“I am really proud of working here at Evergreen. I’m proud of the community we have here. I’m proud of the good care that we give here and I’ve stayed here a long time because I like the way we take care of people.”

Joyce Avery

Joyce AveryRN, CWON – Hospice and Home Health (30 years)

“I never felt I would stay in the same job as long as I did, but here I am. EvergreenHealth has been like home to me; I’ve been able to fit my needs as a mother and a nurse and professional.”

Jennifer Whiteley

Jennifer WhiteleyNuclear Medicine (30 years)

“Evergreen opened up in 1978, and I’ve been here ever since. When I first started it was just a small community hospital.”

Cindy Kuijper

Cindy KuijperRN – Hospice Home Care (30 years)

“EvergreenHealth cared for me during my breast cancer which was absolutely phenomenal, and I can’t say enough about the breast cancer center here. There’s a reason I’ve stayed here for 30 years and it’s because I’m very proud to work for EvergreenHealth and it’s very highly respected in the community and that makes it easy to want to go to work.”

Aurea Herman

Aurea HermanRNC – Maternal Fetal Medicine (30 years)

“As a patient myself and a nurse for patients, it’s nice to know that there’s a safety net; there’s a person with a name that cares about me, who’s heard me, and that person cares enough to get back to me or make sure I get back to them... and that’s what we do and everyone I work with does that and it is wonderful. That’s one reason I’m still here at Evergreen.”

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